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Thousands of snakebite victims have minutes to die. Today, take minutes to help.

Check out these projects by snakebite scientists and advocates.

These experts have often been working on their own dimes, with little donor involvement and few grants. They are working on multiple fronts to address the snakebite crisis—everything from emergency response and antivenom access to policy advocacy and research that will contribute to better snakebite prevention and treatment.

When the Minutes to Die team on location in Kenya filmed a community meeting about snakebite, one woman implored people from overseas to “help us, because the problem is real.”

Now you can help produce real, on-the-ground change with enormous impact. Any amount you can contribute toward these goals will help launch and maintain critical programs and collectively build a support system for victims of snakebite.

Donate to this fundraising effort and/or share with your friends, family, or colleagues.

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